VA - The Magic Cube (RSD 2017)

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10'' HAND NUMBERED COLOURED VINYL W/POP UP CUBE. One of the earliest psychedelic compilations and probably the strangest is The Magic Cube, which appeared inexplicably in 1982 in hip record emporiums around the world. A limited edition 9" flexi disc housed in a card envelope. When it was opened it unleashed a pop up psychedelic cardboard cube emerged to mystify and confuse. Purportedly the product of the same deranged collector mind who gave the world the first Acid Dreams compilation, Magic Cube certainly contained some killer US 60s garage psych punk, not least the stupendously rare Children of the Mushroom''s You Can''t Erase a Mirror and The Bedlam Four''s crazed ''Hydrogen Atom'' as well as The Front Page News fuzz fest ''Thoughts'' and six other US ''60s acid punk psych diadems.