Touch̩ Amor̩/La Dispute ‰Û_‰ÛÒ Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World 7" Split

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Die-cut sleeve artwork.
Second pressing transparent brown 7" (one of 500)

La Dispute:
Recorded and Mixed at Statium Red, Harlem, NY.
Mastered at Statium Red, Harlem, NY.
Touch̩ Amor̩:
Recorded and mixed at Yellowstone Diamond Refinary, Los Angeles, CA.
Mastered at Staium Red, Harlem, NY.

The bands singers sang both into the songs of the other one.

Four panel, die cut case.

‰ÛÒTouch̩ Amor̩ I''ll Get My Just Deserve 1:34
‰ÛÒTouch̩ Amor̩ And I''ll Deserve Just That 1:44
‰ÛÒLa Dispute How I Feel 2:05
‰ÛÒLa Dispute Why It Scares Me 3:33

Comes with poly bag and clean white sleeve.