The Shivers - Charades LP

The Shivers - Charades LP

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‰۬Keith Zarriello‰۪s voice carries an eerie, mesmerizing eroticism

- Pitchfork

‰Û_certain songs can seem like home the very first time you hear them. The way that by the time you reach the second verse, you want to move in and live between their walls, you want to kiss them until they agree to marry you. I had that very day been gifted such a track ‰ÛÒ a song named Beauty, which appeared on the Shivers‰۪ debut album Charades

- The Guardian (UK)

‰Û÷Beauty‰۪ has since become one of our favorite songs of all time.

- Gorilla Vs. Bear

The Shivers track catalog is one of the most impressive, extensive, and under appreciated collections in rock. Keith Zarriello is a phenomenal guitarist whose far removal from electronicized indie pop supports his identity as one of the truly authentic musicians and song writers in Brooklyn.

- Quiet Color

One of the best kept secrets in today‰۪s indie scene‰Û_The Shivers make beautiful, honest music.

- David Isaacson, Indiemuse