Oneida - Live At Secret Project Robot (RSD 2017)

Oneida - Live At Secret Project Robot (RSD 2017)

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Oneida contains multitudes. In the summer of 2015, the band performed in a seven-piece incarnation at MassMoCA (North Adams, MA) and at Secret Project Robot (Brooklyn, NY). This recording was made at the SPR show. Included in the seven-member version of the O were Yo La Tengo‰۪s James McNew on bass (a regular presence in the band for a number of years) and Sonic Youth‰۪s Lee Ranaldo on guitar.

The Secret Project Robot art gallery and collective space was Oneida‰۪s home base, patron and partner for a decade ‰ÛÒ first in its waterfront Williamsburg location in the Monster Island Building (where Oneida‰۪s Ocropolis studio was located), and in its later incarnation in Bushwick after the destruction of Monster Island in late 2011.

The presence of McNew and Ranaldo in the incorporation of Oneida heard on this record fleshes out the already hugely powerful, instinctual, improvisational drive of what has often been labeled the best live band in New York. This record is the sound of a machine propelled by its own implacable momentum, with noise and voices rising and falling in chorus and chaos, along for the ride.
releases April 22, 2017

Barry London: synths, voice
Bobby Matador: woodie, voice
James McNew: bass
Kid Millions: drums, voice
Hanoi Jane: guitar, voice
Shahin Motia: guitar, voice
Lee Ranaldo: guitar

Recorded Live At Secret Project Robot 8/13/15
by Wicked Squid Productions
Mastered by Greg DiCrosta

art by Andrzej Dutkanicz