Emperor - Self Titled LP

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Any fan or person who appreciates quality musical craftsmanship will surely sing praise to the recording legacy that now represents the career of Norway‰۪s Emperor. Their rise to popularity outlines the very development of Black Metal‰۪s second wave; a period of the genre‰۪s most prolific and controversial material to date. Four years on from the band‰۪s highly editorialized break up, and after the release of the impeccable ‰ÛÏPrometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise‰۝, Back On Black re-presents the band‰۪s essential album collection on limited edition vinyl. Emperor‰۪s essential self-titled mini-album ‰ÛÒ previously released as part of a split with Enslaved ‰ÛÒ features the original line-up with MORTIIS on bass and lyricist!

Side A
1. I am The Black Wizards ‰ÛÒ 6.15
2. Wrath of the Tyrant ‰ÛÒ 4.15

Side B
3. Night of the Graveless Souls ‰ÛÒ 3.10
4. Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times ‰ÛÒ 6.23