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In-store tour

On September 16th, 2014 Steelism will be releasing their new album, 615 TO FAME. To celebrate the release, the band will be playing 3 In-Stores during the course of the day. They’ll be performing at Fond Object at 1:30pm. along with free Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles!! AND, you can of course pick up their new album! Sounds like a sweet party to us. 

Be Seeing You on 9/16…

Here’s a link to their event page for the In-Store Tour:
Steelism – Nashville In-Store Tour

BACKYARD MOVIE NIGHT: UHF and the Prisoner ep. 6!

Well, it’s another Sunday and that means another backyard movie party at Fond Object!

This week’s episode of The Prisoner “A, B, and C”, finds Number 6 the subject of hypnosis/mind-reading experiment conducted by Number 14 under the watchful eye of a desperate Number 2. Will they break Number 6′s will? Will Number 6 finally escape the Village? Join us Sunday night to find out!

This week after the Prisoner, we are proud to be have a 25th anniversary screening of the comedy classic UHF. This was “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s first and only cinematic starring vehicle in which he helms the struggling channel 62 which is given to him after his gambling uncle wins the deed to it in a poker game. It then becomes the mission of the head of the biggest station in town, Channel 8, to shut Channel 62 down for good. What happens next is a string of hilarious hi-jinx in Al and his friends attempts to save the station. A total flop upon it’s release in 1989 (which led to a three year slump for Yankovic) it is now widely considered to be a cult classic. Gold.

8:00 – Doors
8:30 – Episode six of the Prisoner “A, B, and C”
9:30 – UHF

Entrance through the back gate off of Riverside Drive. BYOB/BYOG

Be seeing you….


Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors IN-STORE PERFORMANCE – 8/16/14, 7pm + RED ARROW GALLERY ART OPENING!

On August 16th, 2014 at 7pm Fond Object presents an In-Store Performance from Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors from the great state of New Jersey. 

Next door at The Red Arrow Gallery – East Nashville they’re having an opening with Kay Tuttle, here’s that event info.

Sounds like a nice little block party in the making to me!

Listen to tunes from Francie Moon Here:

It’s free and BYOB! Could be a food truck in on this one, will update as we get the info.

Be Seeing You on August 16th…



Black Irish Texas IN-STORE PERFORMANCE – 8/13, 6:30pm

black irish texas

We here at Fond Object are proud to have our friends Black Irish Texas playing in the Rags & Digs room on Wednesday, August 13th!

About Black Irish Texas:

Emerging from the local cut-throat and highly competitive music scene of Austin, comes Black Irish Texas. And out of the proclaimed live music capital of the world they have exploded on the scene like a whiskey drenched force to be reckoned with. They have shared the stage with such International acts as Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Social Distortion, and the Street Dogs just to name a few, as well as local Austin legends such as the Dicks and the Flametrick Subs.

The band started in 2004 after a few lineup changes and many tribulations, they have managed to keep their anything-but-common spaghetti western/Americana/punk infused Irish American act together just long enough to finally release their debut album “To Hell with the King.”

With backing from Jameson Irish whiskey and support from legions of local and regional fans they released their first full length album and have been running all over the country throwing their no holds barred Irish American party gaining devout followers everywhere they play.

Black Irish boast members of Austin favorite’s such as Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five, Flatcar Rattlers, Los Hispanos,UK, The Bulemics, and Hipsterectomy just to name a few. With members from each of those bands bringing to the table their own particular styles and influences, your current line-up of James Fitzsimmons on guitar and vocal duties, Mark Maughmer II on fiddle, James Sheeron on drums, Shannon McMillan on upright bass and Bil David Zarate on banjo, you are basically looking at a powder keg lit by a few shots of Jameson. And what a site it is.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT try and pigeonhole these guys as an Irish pub drinking band, regurgitating overheard covers of “danny boy” and “whiskey in the jar” . In high demand at every venue from Stubb’s and Emo’s Austin to the Abbey pub in Chicago, Black Irish Texas is a coming to a venue near you. See what they’re doing at their website., and be on the look out for new releases roomered to release by the end of 2014..

6:30 pm. FREE!

Flesh Lights & Western Medication – Monday, August 11th 2014 – 7pm – $5

flesh lights

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

MONDAY, AUGUST 11TH 2014 – 7pm

Flesh Lights


Western Medication





Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No age, gender, race, species requirements whatsoever

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Our events are mostly always BYOB unless otherwise noted.

MOVIE NIGHT! Big Trouble in Little China and the Prisoner ep. 5!!

Well, it’s another Sunday and that means another backyard movie party atFond Object!

This week’s episode of The Prisoner, “The Chimes of Big Ben”, find the Village hosting a arts & crafts competition which Number 6 reluctantly participates in. Who knew that 6 was so adept at sculpting! This episode also introduces Leo McKern as the new Number 2, who has a very important role in the Prisoner mythology. Will Number 6 escape this week? Come on down to Fond Object this Sunday to find out!

After the Prisoner we are proud to present the classic Big Trouble in Little China. This film, the third pairing of actor Kurt Russell and director John Carpenter, is a slam-bang delight from start to finish. Russell plays wacko truck driver Jack Burton with scenery-chewing gusto as he helps his friend rescue his fiance from the Chinese underground. What follows is a mix of quick comedy, thrilling action, and Eastern mysticism. Although the movie was a bomb upon it’s 1986 release, it has become a quirky favorite of genre fans around the globe.

8:00 – Doors
8:30 – Episode five of the Prisoner “The Chimes of Big Ben”
9:30 – Big Trouble in Little China

Entrance through the back gate off of Riverside Drive. BYOB/BYOG

Be seeing you….

 big trouble