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Fond Object Show

Mark your calendars for Saturday August 9th, 2014 at 7pm! We got Beth Cameron (Forget Cassettes), Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship, and Ariel Bui all performing solo sets in RAGS & DIGS. Gonna be a nice little Saturday treat for you all. BYOB and FREE! 

Perfomer Links and info:

Beth Cameron (Forget Cassettes) -

Lizzie Wright -

Ariel Bui -

Be Seeing You…

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THE RETURN OF POETRY SUCKS!! – August 2nd, 6:30pm


POETRY SUCKS IS BACK!! – Saturday, August 2nd, 6:30pm – FREE!!!

This Poetry Sucks installment will be held at Fond Object presented by Chet Weise, Fond Object and The Red Arrow Gallery – East Nashville

Poetry and prose: Sommer Browning, Noah Eli Gordon, Coco Hames,William Tyler, Andre Perry, Joseph Tiefenthaler, and Tim Denevi

Music: Dexter Green’s Jazz Sucks & Jem Cohen.

Booze: The Stone Fox.

Food: Confeastador

Be Seeing You…

Sommer Browning

I learned in science
you can never touch
anything. Surrounding every
object there’s a layer of air molecules.

Even when you put on a hat,
there’s a pillow of air

between your head and it.
I remember watching TV,

when I heard my mother
pound her head against a wall.

Don’t come up here—she cried.

I looked up at her,
through air so clear,

I forgot we walk around
all day. Levitating.

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get down

Modern Convenience (PVC Hex Records) and Manatees (Goner, Pelican Wow Wow) will be performing in RAGS & DIGS on August 1st at 7pm. It’s gonna be a rock n’ roll party. We’ll probably have some free beer, but it’s always BYOB. Be Seeing you on Aug 1st…

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PRETTY LITTLE DEMONS In-Store Performance – July 30th


On Tuesday, July 30th, we have a very very special in-store performance for you from the LA based duo, Pretty Little Demons!! You may have recently seen their video for the song, UNKNOWN SPECIES, which features the Log Lady from Twin Peaks, Alison Mosshart, and yours truly,The Ettes, all shot at The Bombshelter in East Nashville. Here’s a little info on the band:

Lydia Night (vocal, guitar, bass, keys)
Marlhy Murphy (vocal, drums, bass, keys)

“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are” – This truth, first spoken long ago, can easily be applied today to the rock n’ roll youth duo Pretty Little Demons with one exception: everyone is about experience who they are! This pre-teen girl duo already has the stage presence of a couple of veterans and play with a spirited energy that gives real backbone to their chosen identity. Lydia Night and Marlhy Murphy of Pretty Little Demons met at the School of Rock – North Hollywood during a 2012 spring break camp. The then 11-year-old Lydia had already been singing, songwriting and playing guitar for six years. Marlhy was one of the best young drummers in the country at just nine years of age. Now, this petite powerhouse duo is set to unleash their brand of rock and entrance the masses.
So, just who are these girls, coming seemingly out of nowhere? Lydia, 13 years old now, started playing guitar on her 6th birthday and formed her first band at 7-years old. Lydia’s dad, Morgan Night, obviously had a part in her musical upbringing. A writer/director, currently working on his second feature film, Night has also directed several music videos. In addition, he has a popular internet radio station, “Devil’s Night Radio!” and operates a recording studio in Joshua Tree, CA called Hicksville Trailer Palace.

Lydia’s music teachers, a literal Who’s –Who of Rock, have been enriching her talents with their own. Zander Schloss of the Circle Jerks, Joe Strummer for guitar and bassist Abby Travis, who’s played with the Go-Go’s, Bangles, Beck and Eagles of Death Metal, have all helped in Lydia’s musical education. Exene Cervenka, the Queen of LA Punk, took an immediate interest in the girls and has been a big supporter as well. Lydia has also been performing solo at such hip locales as Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, CA, WitZend in Venice, CA and most recently at The Bluebird in Nashville. In addition to PLD and performing solo, Lydia is a member of Ryan Gosling’s & Zach Shields’ Dead Man’s Bones choir. She sang with Dead Man’s Bones at the 2010 FYF fest in LA for over 20,000 people.

By the age of 7, Marlhy Murphy was playing to tens of thousands at national hockey games with the advanced band at School of Rock Dallas. Now at the age of 11, Marlhy, a musical prodigy of sorts, has played with Todd Lewis of the Toadies and is also a member of two other bands back in her hometown of Dallas, TX. We’re Not Dudes, a four-piece, all-girl band that has opened for Polyphonic Spree and Sarah Jaffe and Zeppos, a Led Zeppelin cover band in which she sings and plays drums, including all of the Bonham solos. Marlhy is also a working actress, splitting her time between Dallas and Los Angeles. Her commercial work includes being a featured drummer in a national Target commercial and she is a regular cast member of the AOL/Emmy award winning “Kid’s React” YouTube series by The Fine Brothers. Hoping to give an outlet to kids like themselves, Lydia and her friend Grace London (the youngest solo artist admitted to SXSW) have also started a teen music night called LATTE (Los Angeles Teen Talent Evening), this bi-monthly evening at The Talking Stick coffee house in Venice features teen bands and solo acts playing original music.

All of this buzz couldn’t go unnoticed for long. Cut to Los Angeles, where Austin-native Ethan Allen (BRMC, Donita Sparks, Gram Rabbit) heard the girls demos and jumped on board to produce the debut EP. The girls raised their seed money (over $4500) on KICKSTARTER, wrote 5 of the 7 songs on the EP and, both being multi-instrumentalists, played all the instruments. Lydia plays guitar, bass piano and ukulele, while Marlhy plays drums, bass, piano and guitar and both girls sing lead and harmonies as well. It was really important to them that they creatively do everything possible on their debut and the connected music video. The songs range from such heavy subjects as addiction and death to traffic and daisies.

Upon hearing their newly recorded EP the duo were immediately invited to play this year’s SXSW Music Festival, making them the youngest band to play at the prestigious music event. In addition, the highly respected independent record store, Amoeba Music in Hollywood loved the Pretty Little Demons EP so much they invited the girls to do an in-store performance for their record release show – another spot that is rarely given to a brand new band. These girls are ready for the spotlight and couldn’t be more excited to gain legions of new fans along the way. Look out 2013, looks can be deceiving and Pretty Little Demons Marlhy and Lydia are ready to rock your world!

You do not want to miss this!! Be seeing you on July 30th.



WE ARE HEX w/ Watcher In-Store Performance – July 26th – 7pm

we are hex

The Indianapolis based band, We Are Hex ,will be performing in Rags & Digs on July 26th at 7pm. They’ve done a single for Third Man Records, and have been rocking faces around the country for a while now, but this will be their very first Nashville performance. Come out and show them some love. 

Here’s a little about the band and some links:

Ladies and gentlemen, We Are Hex is the fire of the televangelist on a night of infomercials; the last union pub on the strip; and skin rubbed raw by a pleasant sin. Since 2007.

“They are the bastard children of the The Birthday Party on meth, and I mean this in a good way.”

“We Are Hex sound like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, except if they were more into Jesus Lizard, Pop Group and Suicide than John Hughes movie soundtracks.” –




To celebrate the release of the new Reigning Sound (Official) album, “Shattered” ( Merge Records), Greg Cartwright will be at Fond Object for a very special In-Store Performance!! AND, We’ll have copies of the new album on LP and CD FOUR days early!!. Record comes out on July 15th, in- store is on the 11th, how cool is that?. Here are some details on the new album:

Reigning Sound:
Shattered is Reigning Sound’s first album for Merge and the first full LP by the group since 2009’s Love and Curses.

The band’s principal songwriter/member is Greg Cartwright, who’s been leading the shifting cast of characters since 2001. You may be familiar with some of the band’s work, as this album is preceded by five studio efforts as well as numerous EPs and live records. Or perhaps some of Greg’s other projects have been on your musical radar: The Oblivians, Parting Gifts, Compulsive Gamblers, 68 Comeback, Deadly Snakes, Detroit Cobras.

The album was recorded at Daptone’s Brooklyn studio (where drummer Mikey works in the office) and masterfully engineered by Wayne Gordon. The recordings are warm and punchy, a mixed bag of rockers, ballads, and something in between. There are only 11 songs on the album, but the band reckons it’s just right.

Be Seeing you July 11th…470_reigningsound_900px